Good and Simple Tax ?

Can anyone take the agenda far far away from NaMo?

Apologies first – my fellow professionals ended the PM’s speech on July 1 with the Imperial March, the music that Darth Vader always marches to.

Fast Forward to the now. Almost Everyone, (at least almost everyone who I know) is wondering what can the opposition do to take the momentum away from NaMo. Here are my 2 bits of advice –

  • Indians don’t like to pay taxes
  • Most of the business community has been hit hard with avenues for the parallel economy seeming to reach a dead end

Therefore there is only one way to snatch the agenda:

Read my blog – lower taxes. Income tax. GST. If any political party has the foresight to hijack Ache Din for the Mango Man, they, once again in IMHO, probably may need to take this up as a part of their agenda. Otherwise, there is nothing (as of now) that could act as a speed bump for the NaMo chariot, come 2019.

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