Lazy, Busy?

Shall I buy some health care stock?

Newspaper reports show that us Indians are the laziest. We walk barely 4,297 steps a day.  That’s about 57% less than the daily recommended dose.  Would these be some of the reasons that prompt us do so?

  • The weather – we have extremes of rain, cold and mostly heat. Therefore, having to walk that extra yard is absolutely sweaty. Why do it?
  • Park as you like – when we can find a parking right in front of that shop/ office that we wish to visit, why park in a designated place? No sweat, mate.
  • Drivers – if we can buy a car, surely, can we not afford a personal chaueffer who will drop us right in front of where we wanna go? Without a drop on our brow?
  • Oh, and yes, if the Driver isn’t there, isn’t that what that Uber is for?
  • And yes, we are always late. Isn’t that what leads us not to run/ walk to that meeting/ date/ event?

Given these choices, why fall for the mundane and do the walk of life?

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