FYR – Serving “ic” Hot. Since 1986…

The only thought that comes to mind is कौन सी चक्की का आटा खाते हैं?

Boba. Zec. Chila. Dr. Ivo. Recall anything? This should make you sit up and notice – Djoker. All of them great tennis players. All of them from the FYR – FYI that’s the Former Yugoslav Republics.

Zivojinovic. Ivanesevic. Cilic. Karlovic. Djokovic. They all have a couple of things in common. Yes, their names end in “ic”. And more importantly, all of them like to Serve. It. Hot.

God forbid, if I ever have to stand at the opposite end of a grass court with any of these guys serving. And If I do, I would probably say, Thank You, I did not see that”. Big. Serve. @ 200+kmph.

Where do these guys learn it? Is the talent for big serves in the genes? Is it because they are tall? Is it the coaching? Or is it in the diet? The Croats and Serbs will never share their secrets.

Doesn’t matter. Really doesn’t.

So long as they keep sending those aces. And so long as Federer returns those big booming serves from Cilic tomorrow and picks up. No. 19. At SW 19.

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