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Abba – “Money Money Money, It’s A Rich Man’s World”

Bitcoins. Ethereum. Litecoin. All are losing value, if this post is to be believed. Do you think something has peaked, when:

So if you still don’t think this is nuts, and this isn’t crashing, where are you parking your money? Behind some cryptic code? In your friendly neighbourhood bank? Or under your mattress?

Oh, and once they have your money, they might have the following Mars Shot ideas…


  1. Bitcoin is going through a transition period. There was a move to make certain changes to the Bitcoin Protocol (BIP148 vs Segwit).

    Naturally in any diversified system, there are those who think that the change is good, and some who don’t. A lot of the decisions were based on pure commercial bases.

    The volatility in BTC prices is the direct result of the ongoing drama between the two sides. The first deadline to avoid a “split in the bitchain” has passed without resolution. The next deadline comes up on the 29th of July. Failing that, there will be a final deadline of the 1st of August.

    So expect further rollercoaster rides until the dust has settled.

    And stop writing without researching.

    Relevant :

    1. I am not writing. Just asking questions. Have we hit Crypto Peak yet? Or is there more to come? More importantly, when, if at all, will the GOI step in to regulate the proliferating (and profiteering) Crytocurrency market? Oh! And does trading in CC attract GST?

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