Done, Kirk, Done.

There are movies. And then there is Dunkirk.

Growing up, we all saw WWII movies. They celebrated Allied heroism.

Where Eagles Dare. Guns of Navarone. Casablanca. Saving Private Ryan. Tora Tora Tora. Sink The Bismarck. The Great Escape. Life is Beautiful. Imitation Game.

Dunkirk subdues the heroism and makes us see WWII from a perspective that we’ve never seen before. Some Spoilers:

  • You can count the number of dialogues on your fingers.
  • The music speaks volumes (you will know what I am talking about)
  • The battle takes place on land, at sea and in the air
  • Men with self doubt, assurance, grit and just the will to survive
  • No CGI
  • Oh, and Harry Styles, with different hair

Yes, this movie will be nominated for more than a few Oscars. Yes this will win a few. But, most of all, my kids will talk about this movie to their grandkids.

It’s that kinda stuff. Go watch it.  Thank you, Christopher Nolan.


  1. It just makes me proud listening to the sound of it by your words. Sir, I haven’t seen the masterpiece as yet but you have certainly justified the superhuman as he is and have placed him on the pedestal he deserves Sir. Chrisstopher Nolan has been the most incredible story teller, if it comes to thieves, magic ,trickery, dreams, relativity and now his sublimity with the WWII gargantua , I am so looking forward to experiencing it with my own eyes and ears and the other 3 senses as well because he seems to touch them all in his storytelling. Thank you for the heads up . I never had doubts about it but you’ve just made it more enthralling for me.

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