Rollback, Beethoven?

The first casualty in the GST regime. GST itself.

The Economic Times reported this morning that there is a proposal to refund GST on goods made in certain Excise Free zones. This is being done, ostensibly, to help pharma and auto companies. How would this move impact the following:

  • One nation, one tax?
  • Level playing field irrespective of geography?
  • DTA zones selling to EOUs?
  • Surat strikes?
  • Instigate unrest by units in other sectors?

Since this does not seem to be a political/ development induced move, it also raises the question whether the big industry lobbies are would be able to influence public policy?

Your guess is as good as mine.

(Coming soon – the woes of the small exporter)


  1. I don’t understand this very much. First I was told that if my yearly income is less than 20 lakes I don’t come under its purview but then there is some payment to be made if we are working in other states. It seems to me a perfect example of more things change more they remain the same . Everything is just more complicated .

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