Heir Removal

Are owners just playacting when they allow professional CEOs to parachute in? Merely playing the game till their DNA defined Heirs step in?

Remember Bindra at Ranbaxy? Then Cyrus was removed left. And now, Vishal.

The story seems to be playing out itself again. Just because. Just because…

Probably, they didn’t see eye to eye with the owners/ founders on several issue. Maybe there were issues of propriety? Read between the lines of Vishal Sikka’s resignation. Tell me if I am wrong when I ask:

Will the owners/ founders:

  • Ever stop playing the holier than thou card?
  • Allow the CEO/ his team to think/ act differently?
  • Allow companies to grow beyond their tunnel vision?
  • Let CEOs run the company, rather than act as Teflon Tony?
  • Increase or flounder shareholder value by such acts?
  • Give up Alt-Ctrl?

I think not. Nor, IMHO, will this be the last such episode. In fact, this may spur a few more companies to replace their CEOs.

Who’s next?

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