Aatishbaaz Khurrana, Rangbaaz Rao.

That in which I review Bareilly Ki Barfi. With some pride. No prejudice.

2017 hasn’t been a great year for Bollywood. I must confess, I contributed towards that to some extent by not watching a single movie till yesterday. No, not even Bahubaali 2. (I mean Twitter told us why Katappa killed Bahubali). Finally saw BKB last night. Before I write anything, a disclaimer first – Ayushmann and I went to the same school.

It appears Ayushmann and Rajkumar went to the same school too. If one is Ram, the other is Balram. If one is Jai, the other is Veeru. If one is Amar, the other is Prem. Even though too many gigabytes have been used extolling their performances, I couldn’t help but add to the data flow.

Yes sir. They capture the essence of UP perfectly. Small town boys. The dialect. The attitude. The Rangbaazi. (Question to self – what is the origin of the word – is it based on being colourful or does it have something to do with Aurangzeb)? Boy, I just loved the flow of things when these 2 were around.

When they weren’t, it was a different act altogether. A weak script, losing way in the middle with a clichéd ending and an actress whose English is too polished for the role she is essaying. “Letter”. “Virgin”. Is that how Bitti Mishra would pronounce these words? Too many “what ifs” leave you seeking answers that are not there.

Among the other highs are Rohit Choudhary as Munna and Pankaj Tripathy as Kriti’s father.  The music is great. Nazm Nazm is a delight and expect all feet to tap to Sweety this wedding season.

And a “melody itni choclatey kyun hai” kind of question – Has Seema Bhargava (nee Pahwa) acquired a copyright for playing Ayushmann’s mother in law?

Be warned: Ayushmann cries. Doesn’t look good. Cute, definitely. Good, no?

Watch this space. And the movie. Worth a view or two. 3.99/5

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  1. I would love to view it one more time for the actual mazza of BKB burn! My review would have been cliched ‘sweet’ but really warrants an award d or two for original script and supporting actor to Raj Kumar Rao
    Btw the tadpoles have grown , bumped into the elder one the other day, but of course that is another story , another time maybe 🙂

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