Baby You Can Drive My Car

Who or what is helping drive reverse that truck named GST?

GST has been around for 134 days now. I haven’t written a blogpost for 80 of those. In the interregnum interim, much has changed. Taking up from my last 2 blog posts on GST (here and here), it seems much that I ranted about has been addressed:

  • Rules have been eased for small exporters
  • RCM (reverse charge) is all but abolished, at least for fiscal 2018-19
  • The website has been revamped
  • Some relief from filing returns
  • Life made easy for EOU/ STPI/ EHTP etc. units

However, the proposals from last evening still leave much ground to be covered:

  • Highest tax slab of 28% is still too high
  • Cement, Washing Machines, Refrigerators are still considered luxuries and taxed at 28%
  • No relief for sanitary napkins
  • Caterers and restaurants were taxed at par in the earlier regime. Restaurants are now at 5%, caterers at 18%. Needless to say more caterers will open restaurants now
  • Oh, and those export refund rules, they are something else, for another blog post, maybe?

Some (in)credible thoughts come to mind:

  • Was the Govt experimenting
  • What was the sum total of the thought applied while framing the rules
  • If these roll backs have happened for the common man, was the common man not on the horizon while these rules were framed?
  • And above all, is the Govt working on the notion that it can drive the economy of the nation on the basis of a Learners Licence? (h/t – anonymous)

IMHO, agreeing for once with conventional wisdom, all this easing for the Gujarat elections? Or say till GE 2019? Come July 2019, whither GST?




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  1. Reverse Charges on Freight Should be split in Two
    1. If the Good are Sold F.O.R as most PSU have made it Condition to quote F.O.R , The Value So declared as Goods Value has incidence of Full Freight in it and GST is Paid on this Value which includes Freight factor too , Then why reverse charge ? As Full Freight Value has been Paid @ Full GST Rates already

    2. For Rest reverse charge can be considered

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