Too Weighty

My takedown of Twitter @ 280

Dear @Jack,

We loved Twitter. For its brevity. For 140 characters. For the whole story behind how the idea was founded on that character limit from that oh so last century tool, SMS.

And then you blue it to bits. Raised the limit to 280.

Econ 101. Taught you Hemline Theory, there, didn’t they? If one were to correlate that to @Twitter, one could safely assume that things aren’t all that hunky dory in the empire that you, @Jack, built (and returned to reno-wait).

140 characters. That’s what we loved about ‘em tweets. Those rants with 2/n written at the start. That effort to empower your idea in brevity. The keenness to learn new words. That not so agreeable kick at those rules learnt in grammar class.

Whither @Jack, whither?

Needless to say @Jack – its Micro-blogging.  Not Mini-blogging. Do lookup Hemline Theory once again. Please do.

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