Baby You Can Drive My (Golf) Car(t)

It all about those grassy 18s, my friends…

There are friends and then there are friends. One of them decided to do this to me. And therefore, Scouts Honour, and, all that, and, as polled, I am writing on the voted subject.

More like copy paste it from a letter a friend sent to me in – wait for it – 1986:

What’s the matter? Got your driver in your hand but lack the balls to do anything with it?

Don’t have enough money to buy what you need?

Ever been caught with the hole in sight but just no balls?

Don’t let this happen to you. Call us and you’ll have enough balls to keep your wood swinging.

Think about it, 3 golf balls for $1.00. These are top quality unblemished balls like:


MAXIFLI            STAFF              TITLEIST



Hey, ever feel like your balls just didn’t stand out enough? You know like when you’re pounding your eight iron in some thick bush and your balls are just hiding in the dirt? Try one of our coloured balls. They come in yellow, orange and flourescent (for the late night putters). You name the color and we’ve got it. Oh, except for blue. We never have blue balls.

Feeling too old and tired for this type of fun? Well there’s nothing like some new balls to keep you going. It won’t be too long before you’re swinging it like a kid again. There’s nothing like driving on the eighteens to keep your club happy.

So quit standing there stroking your putter, call today for some fresh balls. We have over 200 in stock. Then your balls can be the envy of the town. Everyone will want to play with your balls.

Hmmm and that 1 voter, I know who it is – It is You. But surely not you. No balls, you see…

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