MAD. In Chandigarh

That in which I go crazy. About those Manhole covers And Drains. In Chandigarh.

Nothing like a brisk walk on an invigorating, smog free, windy Sunday afternoon in Chandigarh. Especially when the covert reason is to buy a cake from Nik’s to replenish those calories that one is burning.

As I walk from home to 9, I cross that what is known as the Lily Garden. A bit of history comes knocking:

To the uninitiated, its just a park in Sector 9. To us worshippers of all things City Beautiful, it is the spot where the Foundation stone of Chandigarh was laid. Where Nehru’s dream of a modern India was cast in stone. Whereof Le Corbusier (him of that now redundant 10 Swiss Franc note fame) reworked Mayer and Nowicki’s designs and re-dreamt Le Chaux-du-Fonds, his place of birth.

Back to now. As I walk along, I come across these Manhole covers And Drains (MAD) that

you see in the pictures accompanying this post. All within 150 metres of where Chandigarh first began. A newspaper has been printing the good stuff about these MAD.

Is it just me? Or have they not really walked/ cycled along theroads of Chandigarh to really see the state of disrepair these be in? Oh, OK, I get it. These probably are not visible from the underbelly of their SUVs. Or from behind those Gucci shades.


Do you really see any point in keeping them in Chandigarh, if all we have to show is our sense of poor engineering, road making and tile-paving?

Or shall we hope that someday, somewhere, someone willtruly steal these MAD and sell them to someone who will preserve them for what they really are?

Will someone geo-tag each manhole cover? Will someone raise awareness on how to preserve them.

Oh and one final thing. Have you noticed the difference between the original cast iron drains and these cement ones? No? Maybe that’s what I will blog about soon…

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