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A primer in how not to sell. Retailers, take notice

Went to buy a Mac Air from iWorld in Sec 17 #Chandigarh.

Asked for a GST compliant invoice. Here is how the conversation went thereon:

Salesman: Please give Form 25 and ID Proof

Me: Form 25? Why?

Him: Its the law

Me: OK, here take both

Him:  GST invoice will be issued next day, since the accountant leaves at 5 PM.


When I asked on what document would they allow me to remove the Laptop, they said Invoice and then issue another GST invoice the next day.  Hey Govt of India – are you listening? 2 Invoices for the same sale?

Stormed out after throwing the rule book and customer service expectations at them.

Went to Paramatrix in Sector 20. Not only was I offered a much better price (with GST credit), the transaction too went without a hitch. And more importantly, the way it should be – without any request for paperwork.

A stark contrast between 2 retailers within a couple of miles of each other.

A huge lesson on how to do business.

More importantly, why did those guys at iWorld seem like they were stonewalling and not interested in a sale? Or as if the matter was something else? It seems a bit grey to me.

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