Swig(gy) for that high (pay packet)

Workers of the world rejoice! The rule of the proletarians is nigh!

I received this message a short while ago. It appears that another of those VC funded, we shall change the world, apps is descending upon town. First there was Uber. Then the Zomatos and Food Pandas. Now its Swiggy.

All promising (and enticing you with) high wages. Insurance. And several such other incentives. But wait. Anyone ever sat in an Uber driver with more than 2 years with that company? Hear their tales of how they used to earn 75k a month, which over a period has time fallen to about 15k a month. Seems like those grandpa tales from not so long ago.

And all these food delivery apps seem to be modelled on Deliveroo. How soon before these promised earnings hit that much opaque wall of “company policy”? And the earnings (and with that the standard of living and the ability to repay EMIs and what not) nosedive?

To heck with that for the moment though. All you couriers, here is the promise of that golden pot. Go sign up.

PS… That message is a tad sexist, aint it? Hiring boys only? Hmmm Or is it a reflection of a safety first policy from Swiggy, showing how unsafe is it for women to be employed in this industry?

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