Moonglow by Michael Chabon

That which may be one of the best books I have ever read…

No, I am not lying. To start with, it was rated as one of the best books of 2016. And then it was the first book I ever read on my Kindle. And the first ever from a Pulitzer winner that I read. No this review isn’t from a fan boy perspective. Its about the quality of writing story-telling.

The story of Moonglow is rumoured to be partly autobiographical. Its about a young college kid and his relationship with his grandfather who was enamoured with NASA’s space program. We learn about space shuttle launches and moon landings, of the great wars and hunting Nazi criminals and of course, of unrequited love. A book in which everything doesn’t quite seem to be the way it is.

For those coming foggy winter days, I can assure you, there can be  a  no better fictional companion. Go buy it here.

Oh! And my rating for the book is 9.8/10.

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