1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed
Eric H. Cline

The Book that explains why society collapsed 3194 years ago

This book is all about the Late Bronze Age (LBA) and how in about 1 year entire civilisations collapsed around the Mediterranean. The author states that “Sea Peoples” originating somewhere in Egypt were responsible for this sudden collapse.

Of course, their invasions of stable societies saw success as famine, earthquakes, fires and internal rebellions helped them destroy LBA as we know it. The book reviews economic and political progress made through 1500BC till 1177 BC and also examines the Trojan War, the Exodus, the Battle of Kadesh. It also asks whether the world is building up to a similar event in the near future but fails to answer what could trigger it.

I expected more and therefore this is the one that gets a 6.5.

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