When We Was Fab

A fan boy chronicle like no other

There are bands. And then there were are the B.E.A.T.L.E.S. 4 guys from Liverpool. Who came, who sang (and played), who broke up. And yet years and decades after breaking up, became bigger than the multiple of everyone else. Selling more music for more £ than anyone ever had.

Rob Sheffield, a columnist for The Rolling Stone magazine, chronicles the Beatles, before, during and after those Fab Four days. How they went from being The Quarrymen to legends to epics. He tells us the story of the lives they lived. The songs they sung. The music that they wrote. Oh and the stories and rumours abound:

  • Is Paul dead?
  • What was the significance of the Beetle on the Abbey Road Cover?
  • Why did the Cops let go of the Fab 4 when they were raided for drugs?
  • Why was Gandhi etched out from the album cover of Sgt Peppers?
  • What transpired at the ashram in Rishikesh?
  • Was Yoko the sole reason for the break up?
  • And, what does Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds really mean?

These and many many many other questions are answered in this fab(ulous) book. You cant miss reading it if you are a Beatles fan. Not a fan? Cool. Read it for language, prose and fluent writing style. I rated this one as a massive 9+.

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