As cunning as a fox?

Was Machiavelli really Machiavellian?

Niccolo. That’s how his mother called him. Yes, one of the most vile villains in the history of political thought had a human side too. He also had a life beyond the Courts of the Republic of Florence. In this book, Erica Benner revisits that life.

This is a biography like none before. It takes us from his childhood, through his political leanings, his fight for the Republic, his rise (and then fall) as an advisor to the city he toiled so hard to save. He was at war with religious zealots and at odds with the politically dominant Medici family. He soon learned to mask what he thought and did that which was most beneficial to him. A lot like a fox.

Unlike most biographies, the book neither idiolises him, nor does it demonise him. Treateing him with the respect he may not have deserved, this book helps us answer an important truth – what made Machiavelli, Machiavelli? That and perhaps, the relevance his ideas have in our world today are reasons why you must read this book. Another 9!

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