Chess, Mate. AI and more!

Anything goes. From Deep Blue.  To Alpha Go.

This isn’t a book for chess nerds. Or any kind of nerds for that matter. This is for people like you and me, who wish to understand how technology comes into the mainstream, how people adopt it and, most importantly, what happens when technology disrupts your way of life.

If you are not a cowboy, you and I are probably on the same wavelength then. In DT, GK tells us that that the usual time period for a technology to go from its 1st use to wide public use is about 30 years. He cites elevators and mobile phones as perfect examples. He then talks about his matches with IBM’s Deep Blue project and how the machine kept getting better and better.

And then he talks about how we are approaching singularity. Will we get there soon? He cant predict that. But, yes, the greatest idea in the book is that since the dawn of time, till now, humans are better at some task than a machine. And then machines start learning that task, getting better and better. Over some years, they will catch up with humans. And then better humans. Finally, they will start performing better than humans consistently. From then, until the end of time, humans will be disrupted from that task. Just like cars disrupted the livelihood of horses.

Unfortunately, not many political views in this otherwise great book. Read it for the future. 9+

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