He worked hard for the money

If you steal big, make money for your bosses, don’t squeal on them

This book is the (true) life story of Tom Hayes, the guy who fixed LIBOR. LIBOR has an interesting history, a benchmark invented by a Greek shipping tycoon for lending some money to the Shah of Iran. History apart, the LIBOR scandal shook the world in the early part of this decade and some banks are still paying fines over it (and getting away).

The only guy not getting away is Tom Hayes, the guy who rigged the LIBOR in a way no one imagined. A recluse and a maths genius, he created huge excel worksheets that helped him make the LIBOR go the way he wanted it to. In the process, he, his bosses, friends, fellow traders and most of al the banks he worked for, made huge bank vault loads of money.

Ultimately, Tom was exposed. He decided not to cut a deal and ratted everyone out. As the story goes, Tom was the only one found guilty, sentenced to 14 years in jail. While the others got away with financial penalties. Such, as they say is life. 9.5

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