How to lose friends and money

Bitcoin. Ether. Hither. Tither.

Heard of Mt Gox?  What about  Anarcho-Capitalism? An Austrian economist named Rothbard? How are all these connected? In this massive primer on all that’s right wrong with the cryptocurrency world, David Gerard,a former music journalist, tells us not only what is wrong with the crypto world, but more importantly why.

As I write this, the Govt of India has called cryptocurrencies “Ponzi” schemes. I have received calls from farmers and traders, wheel-dealers and day-trippers, golfers and soccer groupies. All asking me how can I invest in a cryptocurrency. My answer has been a standard – go read this book and then decide what you want to do. Of course, each of them chose the easy way, invested, are sitting on a ton of money, while I write this, safe with the thought that I wont be the one crying tomorrow morning when the earth cracks open and sucks all of them up.

Therefore, my friends, if you want to make some intelligent small talk over that smoky single malt, do read this. I am sure you can buy it for some bitcoins. 9.5+

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