Politics Vs Debt Vs Patriotism Vs Self Interest

A miss and tell? Not really, depending on which side of the political establishment you are from.

There are finance ministers. And there are finance ministers. Of course, if we are to believe Yannis, there is none more patriotic than him. And none more devilish than Wolfgang Schauble.

The book is about those heady 6 months when YV was the finance minister of debt ridden, bailout seeking, euro craving Greece. YV took over as FM in the Syrzia govt, and according to him, tried every reasonable trick in the book to ensure that Greece survived, with its head held high.

The book tells us about how YV negotiated for months with the EU, ECB and IMF (The Troika) and tried to make them see reason as to why another bail out would work and why the troika should reduce the pain inflicted on Greece through austerity. YV also talks about his concept of an electronic tax credit/ currency that they proposed to launch to help revive the economy. Of course, the troika saw this as sedition, and sure enough, YV was out of a (political) job within 6 months. (Note: YV is now being tried in Greece on charges of sedition).

Oh! And it is this electronic cash currency (tax credit) that many countries are now thinking of launching to enable them to keep themselves afloat. Venezuela anyone?

A great anti establishment political memoir, the book shows how YV, a master of Game Theory was gamed at his own game! Though longish, it has good pace and talks about events that are more recent than most books I read this year. Another big 9+

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