Stalin Alive

Abject Poverty to Absolute Power.

Absolut(e). A word synonymous with all things Russian. More so, with the political system. Whether it was the tyranny of the Czars or the totalitarian regime of the Communists, Russia, has, for over the last 400 years or so, functioned only under authoritarian rule, apart from the brief period of one Boris Yeltsin.

At nearly 900 pages (yes it is thick, fat and long), the book charts how a poor cobbler’s son became part of the Russian revolution, came close to Lenin, outsmarted the brains of Trotsky and came to manipulate, and later, dominate power. How he used tyranny, informants, secret police and fear, all to his advantage, to become the boss Czar of Russia.

The book charts every detail of the Russian revolution, how a band of zealots, who were about to lose power not once, but several times, but each time a quirk of fate helped them not only to cling to but consolidate their power. Fabricated trials, mass shootings, eliminating truth, dealing with Lenin’s Testament, departing from Lenininism are all a part of the book. Though thankfully, the book refrains from justifying or trying to explain why Stalin was so ruthless. Whether in love or in power, he was dominant like no personality in Russia during the last century.

The book is part one of a three volume series of which the second is out already. I hope that sometime in 2018, you will be reading a review of this. Another 9.5+

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