The Baker at Baker Street

A Holmes Trivia Fan? Elementary, you read this, WatsonWhich country banned SH books because they could lead to criminal acts?
Which real life surgeon was the role model for SH?
Who drew the caricature of SH?

Don’t know the answers? Dude, this is the book to read. It takes us through the early life of ACD, how he  modelled his character on one of his professors, killed off the detective and then revived him for financial reasons.

Financial reasons are much of what this book is about too. How a lack of copyright, poor IP laws and the war for succession and ownership of rights to SH led to court cases across the Herring Pond. And how the heirs of ACD also fought amongst themselves to retain control over the rich writing legacy of ACD.

The book has Hollywood, Charlie Chaplin, Russian Royalty, Revolutions all rolled into one massive (its long) roller coaster ride. More so, given the fact that this book was originally written in Swedish, and translated into English only this year.

Elementary, that I give this book a 9. And finally, ACD and I have one thing in common – I don’t think I have ever been to Baker Street in my life.

Oh! read the book for the answers. Or call me.

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