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There is no music like music.

Last X’mas… I guess each of us has heard that song at least once in our lifetime… Well my last X’mas happened 5 years in a row from 1984 to 1988. And then, as that famous dialogue goes in Aandhi – “Iss bar Amavasya bahut lambi thi na… “. For me, as a DJ, it was 30 years long.

Those were the 1980s. Madonna. Wham. MJ. Prince. Billy Joel. Men Without Hats. Abba. Jive Bunny. They ruled the charts and made us twist and shout. Breakdance. Flashdance. Moon Walk. You named it, I played it, you danced to it. All in that alcove in a certain house in Sector 8. 24thof December, each year.

And then we grew up, went our different ways. I kept my music, but lost the inclination to play. Until. Until.  The younger tadpole one turned 16 and decided to throw a dance party at home. My job was to design the card – I fell in love with this cassette based theme on Canva – and to arrange the speakers, which came courtesy Dhruv. A sexy Marshall one. And, that was that.

The tadpole, being himself, said his playlist was ready and he had sorted the music etc etc. Therefore, my job was to play the chowkidaar and keep an eagle eye on the teenagers. Hmmm. Destiny had something else in play. Half an hour into the party and the music wasn’t the highlight. Ego crash. Hurt. Pain. What Not.

The answer my friends was blowin in the wind.

Out went the role play of the Gurkha and Khukri. In came the headphones, the console, the mixer. All I had to do was run my playlists from those heydays of the 1980s in my head and rock the house. Search, press, play. Spotify and its ilk have made DJing a much simpler task. Gone are the days of recording tapes (beat to beat music, mind it) days in advance, arranging 2-3 cassette players just to rewind and forward the songs…

I could now take requests, queue up songs and just play another one midway, mixing be damned. I did my thing and they danced like there was no tomorrow.

Yet, yet, yet, the key takeaway was that the kids of today, loved the same music as the kids of yore. Except that there was a bit of Punjabi and Bollywood this time around. Something I could say we never played back in those days. Proudly.

The DJ, in me is back. Only if you bring me the Hire, love.

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